Jinolo for Design Sharing

The simplest way to share your designs

Jinolo is a 3D and 2D CAD file sharing platform that helps connect engineers, suppliers, clients and other team members.

Everything you need to transfer CAD files

Share directly in the browser

Easily share 3D designs in the browser. There is no need to send hundreds of emails or waste time dealing with attachments.

Keep everything in one place

Jinolo keeps all the files you share and receive under your account. No more confusions over file versions.

Collaborate with comments

Collaborate with everyone involved in the design process, with our instant comments. Come to decisions faster and keep a paper trail of discussions.

Measure, annotate and inspect CAD

Inspect 3D CAD and 2D engineering drawings directly in the browser with annotations and measure tools. There is no need to install any extra software.

How to share a CAD file with Jinolo

Start by uploading a 3D or 2D CAD file for your desktop.

Preview the file using our online CAD viewer and click ‘Share’.

Enter an email. They will get an email notification they have a file to view

Start Sharing Now

CAD Sharing FAQs

What happens when I share a CAD file?

When you enter the Reviewer’s email address and click ‘Share’, we send an email to that person telling them that you shared a file with them. The recipient then clicks on the link in the email which takes them to the Jinolo website. They can only see the design once they sign in, making sure that your design is secure.

Which file formats does Jinolo support?

Currently we support stl, 3dxml, and pdf file formats.

Can others download the file I share?

Only if you allow them to. When you share a design you can choose what the Reviewer can do with the document. If you select the download option, a download button will appear in the Reviewer’s window and they can download the design. Otherwise they will only be allowed to view and/or comment on the file in the browser.

Can I send files to people outside my team?

Yes. To share a file all you need is that person’s email address. They can be either a team member or an external Reviewer.

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