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The simplest way to share your 3D designs.

Easy Sharing

To share a design on the platform all you need to do is upload a file, enter an email and click ‘Share’.

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Powerful Viewing

View designs with our powerful and versatile 3D and 2D CAD viewer.


Bring your team together with instant comments, annotations and measurement tools.

“Jinolo’s viewer helps with collaboration between the engineering, design, marketing and sales.”

- Industrial Designer, Industrial Design Company in California, USA

“Jinolo is useful for sending files for manufacture to make sure there are no liberties taken in the process”

- Head of Engineering, Parts Design Company in Sydney, Australia

“Jinolo is really fast! That’s a big benefit when loading large 3D models.”

- Mechanical Design Consultant in Sydney, Australia

Jinolo helps engineering design teams

Save Time

Shorten project time by reducing the amount of back and forth revisions.

Cut Costs

Reduce costs by preventing expensive manufacturing mistakes.

Simplify Teamwork

Keep key stakeholders engaged and involved in the design process.

Reduce costs. Innovate faster.

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